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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  June 23, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> we both want to greet you. it is 6:00 already on this thursday june 23. >> it is time for traffic every 10 minutes and we will check in with lisa baden in a moment but we will start with steve rudin. we are looking at a warm start to our thursday morning. we have a cold front on the way and that will bring relief from the excessive humidity and two. levels will cool a bit for tomorrow. 79 degrees at reagan national airport and 76 degrees at the dulles. doppler radar shows a few showers off to the west of us across western maryland. that is moving off into central pennsylvania. showers will develop as we move through the morning and afternoon hours with high temperatures around 88-93 degrees. we will look at the extended outlook in a few minutes. 66 westbound road work is
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now gone at glebe road. no accidents i-95 between fredericksburg and springfield. northbound traffic is on left and heavy volume on 395. they closed randolph road between neville street and park lawn in drive to make repairs. a day in court today for the virginia man at the center of the security scare at the pentagon last week. >> he will face a loudoun county judge for two unrelated larceny charges after he was linked to a series of shootings across the region. brianne carter is live outside the courtroom. >> good morning these charges are unrelated. he is expected to be here at this loudoun county courthouse
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facing a judge once again about 11:15 this morning. this is on larceny charges but this comes one day after sources are saying that he may be linked to the shooting and military facilities we saw last fall. forensic evidence found inside his northern virginia home fines he may have been the one firing the shots into these facilities like the national museum of the marine corps the pentagon, and the merc -- a marine corps recruiting station. there raided his house after they found him inside the arlington national cemetery after hours last week. no charges have been filed in this case and no charges have been filed in the pentagon scare. the charges he faces today are unrelated and he is expected to be here later this morning. the time is 6:00 to we are following a developing story
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from california where authorities caught up of one of the nation's most wanted criminals. the fbi says james bolger was arrested near los angeles after 16 years on the run. he made the fbi + 10 most wanted list for his role in 19 murders. he was an inspiration for the 2006 film "the departed." in national televised address last night president obama laid out his troop withdrawal plans. the white house also addressed the mounting financial toll. >> i said we would begin to draw down our forces in july. tonight we are fulfilling that commitment. >> there are nearly 100,000 troops in afghanistan including the 30,000 surge troops deployed
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in 2009. the president said that 5000 troops will leave this summer and another 5000 by the end of this year and 23,000 more will be home by the end of the summer of 2012. some commanders and credit would prefer a more measured drawdown. >> i am afraid we may have compromised our fighting force when it was not necessary and time will tell. i hope i am wrong. >> the u.s. is sending 100 -- the u.s. is spending hundred $20 billion in afghanistan this year alone. >> tonight we take comfort in knowing that the tide of war is receding. fewer of our sons and daughters are serving in harm's way. >> there will still be 70,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan in 2012. the president said they will continue to come home at a steady pace through 2014 and the afghan security forces will take over the lead. the president will travel later today to for drummond, new york.
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looking at the day ahead. general david petraeus is looking to appear before a senate confirmation hearing as cia director. u.s. efforts in afghanistan has low-margin his counterinsurgency campaign is what the associated press is reporting. the judge will consider whether the actress violated her probation while serving house arrest. the hearing was called because lindsay lohan failed a court order alcohol test last week. the d.c. council is hoping to learn more about the use of police escorts today. police chief cathy lanier and other officials are scheduled to testify at a council hearing. the issue came up in april after actor charlie sheen received an escort in april.
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there are reports that other celebrities have received escorts. thousands of people are fleeing their homes this morning in mind that commodore -- north dakota. the river is spilling over levees that protect the city and crews are building up a secondary dike to try to prevent homes and businesses from being flooded. the city opened shelters to house the evacuees. the time is 6:06 and 76 degrees. >> it is warm out there and still ahead the wait is almost over for hogwarts fans. we will learn later today what is in store for harry potter. >> how driving could impact your trip to work. >> will we get relief
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>> karate - good morning washington. looking outside right now 79 degrees at reagan national airport. the temperature is 71 degrees out in pittsburgh. the less humid air is on the way and a cold front will move for later this afternoon. the dew point levels are in the lower 70's across the region. we're looking for showers to go off to central pennsylvania. these showers affected, land and hagerstown. we will keep the showers in the forecast for this morning and
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this afternoon. 88-934 daytime highs and for the nighttime hours, temperatures will fall to around 70 degrees. the end of the work week, tomorrow laura 90's but not as humid and an isolated showers or thunderstorms in the forecast. in virginia and eastbound 66, there is a stalled car near 123. that will put some time on to your travel. northbound 95 into springfield as an accident near the franconia's left springfield parkway. -- franconia/springfield parkway. randolph road is reopened between nevil street and park lawn drive. that has been repaired. >> time is 6:10. july 4 is around the corner. the government wants you to
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understand the destructive power of fireworks. the consumer products safety commission held a demonstration on the national mall. last year, nearly 9000 people ended up in the emergency room because of fireworks-related injuries. most of those injuries can be prevented. it looks like fewer americans will be traveling this july 4 weekend. aaa is saying that 39 million people travel 50 miles or more during the holiday weekend. that is down 2.5% from last year. high gas prices are keeping people at home. the number of people flying will increase by 9%. >> will be busy. >> coming up, from working for the weekend to working on the weekend. why more americans are giving up
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their free time. >> some metro bus driver said the agency is not doing enough to keep them safe. they are taking a stand a negative impact your commute coming up. >> with first
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>> welcome back. investigator is to think the marine reservist suspected of causing last week's security scare at the pentagon is also responsible for that series of shootings at military facilities last fall in northern virginia. the 22-year-old is scheduled to be in court today for a hearing related to a series of car break-ins in leesburg. president obama says it is the beginning of the end of the war in afghanistan. last night he told united states that 10,000 u.s. troops will begin leaving afghanistan next
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month and another 23,000 will be pulled out by the end of next year. children may be getting a break when it comes to airport security pat downs. the head of the transportation security administration says tsa agents will try to screen agents under 10 years old without subjecting them to a path down. >> it's will appreciate that. 6:40 is the time and investigators are searching for the gunmen who shot a temple hills restaurant employee. an employee was shot during a robbery at the chicken restaurant on brinkley rd. last night. the injuries are expected to be non-life-threatening and there is no word on what led to the shooting. metro is facing new safety concerns but this time it comes from its own drivers. their plea for help could take a toll in your trip to work. jummy olabanji is live in wheaton to explain what is going on. >> an official with transit
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union 689 says that some metrobus drivers to they could refuse to drive their buses because they want to shed light on what they are calling safety concerns. the transit union president says this is not an official union action or boycott. several metro bus drivers have said they are concerned about safety after several incidents in the last two weeks where operators were attacked while on their routes. nearly 1/3 of assaults that happened on transit systems involve a bus drivers. those drivers want metro to put more police officers on bus routes. and metro spokesperson says more than a dozen officers are assigned to buses and a union rep says that is not enough. there are more than 1000 buses. the bus drivers are demanding that metro installs and fix surveillance cameras and radio
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systems on these buses that simply do not work. that is something that metro says they are looking into fixing. the time is now 6:15. two years after the deadliest crash on metro ever, an outpouring of emotion. sermons were held yesterday to mark the anniversary of the red line crash that killed nine people. family members spoke about their loss. >> i will miss you and i love you so much. >> it has devastated the family in a way we have not recovered as of today. >> some family members said they want to remind the public what they believe is the culpability of metro and responsibility. for more from the victims' families and for a photo gallery from a memorial service, log onto our website, 6:15 and working through the weekend in an economic slowdown.
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topping america's money, ben bernanke says economic growth this lower-than-expected. he expects things to stay that way at least into 2012. the fed is not planning policy changes and the says interest rates will stay low. more money trouble at the post of us which will stop putting money into its pension fund for employees so it can save cash. people are switching to email and that has cost them billions the twins featured in the social network are ending their legal fight with facebook. they claim that mark zuckerberg stole their ideas and the twins and a third man are accepting a $65 million settlement negotiated in 2008. government statistics show more americans are working on the weekend. 35% of americans work on the weekend which included games of
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golf with clients. people have been working weekends in this business because the news never stops. >> i am wondering what the weather is like in our home town. my parents are watching online. you can watch on line with our newscast stream all the time. you can watch at home or in the office. temperatures outside at this hour are not so bad. it is cooler out in detroit and we will talk about that in a second. in annapolis maryland, there are a few clouds out there but there will not be showers and thunderstorms but a cold front is on the way. it is 79 degrees of reagan national airport and the dew point levels are in the lower 70's. 79 degrees in gainesville -- 76 degrees in gainesville and the
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same in northwest d.c.. our temperatures are around 80 degrees with dollars at 76 degrees. the cooler air is off to the west. doppler radar shows showers across western maryland and they are now drifting toward the north and east through central pennsylvania. they will not impact us for the time being. partly cloudy skies expected for the day and thunderstorms will develop as the cold front moves through. upper 80's to lower 90's. for the nighttime hours isolated storms and upper 60's but the dew point levels and the humidity will start to dip. it will not be as unconvertible tomorrow but above-average temperatures dut 87-90 degrees. saturday and sunday, 90 degrees and tuesday and wednesday another chance of showers and
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thunderstorms with nighttime lows in the 60's. is wary watch our newscast on line but you can check out the weather and the beach for kasten are interactive radar to check storms as they passed for your neighborhood. let's get an update on traffic. good morning i have better news for people who want to travel randolph road through rock avail. ville we are happy campers. east of 66, a stalled vehicle near 123 is gone. allow yourself extra time through knowing 10. -- 10. newington. >> coming up next, we have company and we will tell you the
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biggest diet-buster. >> later today on oprah academy award winner russell crowe at 4:00.
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>> come back at 6:23. we have details about the national cancer drug shortage. a popular chemo drug use to treat ovarian cancer is in short supply. >> the drug is taxol and supplies are limited. nurses can only order three reviles of it at a time to treat 40 patients. >> have never seen anything like this. this has been for the last three or four months. it has been challenging. >> one manufacturer we spoke with said the shortages due to high demand for the drug. if you're having trouble losing weight, stop eating potato chips. new study says they are the biggest the man behind weight gain that plagues many of us. researchers say it is because you cannot eat just one. experts recommend eating more fruits vegetables, whole grains and nuts.
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>> what about m &m's? i can't eat just one either. >> neither can i.. >> i can eat one grape. there is still another half hour of "good morning washington." >> we are less than one hour away from a major announcement by author j.p. rowlings. >> is around 80 degrees and it is 630 and the morning. when will the humidity and heat
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[ male announcer ] washington, d.c. a landmark of liberty and opportunity. at bank of america, we live and work here with thousands of employees and hundreds of branches and atms. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion... from supportinthe arts and howard university to helping revitalize anacostia and downtown d.c. because when you're giving lending, and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen. ♪ ♪ >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your
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side. >> it is time to focus on nation-building here at home. >> president obama it is case for pulling troops out of afghanistan but is it soon enough for a war weary public and a frustrated congress? good morning to you washington. it is thursday, june 23. i am cynne simpson. >> i am greta kreusz. steve rudin is here with a check of the forecast. we are getting closer to the weekend and it looks like the weekend will cooperate nicely. it will not be estimate and it will be dry. 79 degrees at reagan national airport and dulles is three degrees cooler. the doppler radar shows and showers are moving across central pennsylvania. showers will ignite with a few embedded thunderstorms in the afternoon. this is part of a cold front. upper 80's to lower 90's and tonight not as humid.
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67-72 degrees and tomorrow driver 87-92. we will keep the chance for a scattered thunderstorms tomorrow. we are rushing across the wilson bridge. we look a little better now on the inner loop out of springfield to tyson's. no accidents across the american legion bridge. number 95 in virginia, delays are dale city all the way to springfield with an accident before the beltway on the shoulder. after the beltway is very light because not too many people can get past that point. >> thank you. 6:30 is your time. the man at the center of a security scare the pentagon had back to court. >> he will face a loudoun county judge on unrelated larceny charges stemming from a series of car break-ins. this comes one day after sources linked into a series of shootings and military facilities last fall.
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brianne carter joins us live outside the courthouse in leesburg with details. good morning >> , he is expected to face a judge at a hearing scheduled for 11:15 this morning. this is on unrelated larceny charges. it comes after hearing the sources say he may be linked to a case that capture this region last fall. the 22-year-old has -- as back to court and larceny charges one day after sources linked the marine reservist to shootings at military facilities last fall. >> i know what people like that living anywhere near may. >> forensic evidence found inside his northern virginia home says he may have been the one firing the shots into the national museum of the marine corps, the pentagon, and a marine corps recruiting station. authorities raided his home after they found him inside arlington national cemetery after hours last week. >> it seems like they are
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getting closer and closer. >> no charges have been filed in this case or in the case involving the security scare at the pentagon. neighbors said word of this is shocking. >> i think is really scary. >> federal authorities including an fbi spokesperson have not commented any further on this case only to say that there is an investigation ongoing. he is expected to face a judge later this morning. president obama is charting a new course for the war in afghanistan. last night in a televised address, he said significant gains against al qaeda and the taliban made possible for u.s. troops to start leaving the country next month. the president says he is reducing -- reversing the surge announced in 2009. 10,000 troops will leave that
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can send by the end of this year and another 23,000 will be home by next summer. >> let us responsibly and of these wars and reclaim the american dream that is at the center of our soul. >> about 73,000 troops will remain in afghanistan until 2014. more than 1600 americans have died during the conflict. >> the time is 6:33. the fbi caught up with one of their most wanted, a mobster who had been on the run for 16 years. >> after an international manhunt, whitey bolger and his girlfriend had been captured. >> good morning, he had been on the lam for well over a decade. the fbi has crossed him off their 10 most wanted list. the alleged mobster had fled
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boston in late 1994 as federal agents were about to arrest him in connection with 19 killings as well as racketeering and other crimes. he was so negative as he was the inspiration the"the departed." the fbi recently stepped up its efforts to find his girlfriend. they both disappeared with a $2 million reward for information leading to his capture being offered. he faced charges -- a girlfriend face charges of harboring a fugitive. grieg was known for her multiple surgeries and her hygiene. she made monthly visits to a dentist for a cleaning and that is one place where they put out notices. >> you could not make this stuff off. thank you for that update. a former congressman is
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facing an f -- ethics investigation after accusations that he sexually harassed a former aide. the female staffer fired -- filed a complaint against them. she claims he made unwanted sexual advances and threatened her job when she refused him. a shocking admission from a pulitzer prize-winning journalist. jose antonio vargas says he is an illegal immigrant. his mother sent him from the philippines to live with his grandparents in california when he was 12-years old. "the washington post" writer admitted this. kentucky is picking up the damage left behind every possible tornado moved through that area. it touched down near churchill downs which is home to the kentucky derby.
6:36 am
several buildings were damaged but there are no reports of any people or animals being hurt. funnel clouds or also reported in other parts of kentucky. >> the time is 6:35. first lady michelle obama will meet with more south african students today. she will also visit with retired archbishop desmond tutu. she was supposed to visit the island prison where nelson mandela was held for 18 years but her visit had to be canceled due to bad weather. harry potter fans are awaiting a big announcement. it is is supposed to come in less than half an hour at 7:00 this morning. j. k. rowling will announce something new in the world of harry potter. a countdown is underway on the website pottermore. >> i think the final movie comes out july 15. >> this announcement is said to be something other than a movie or a book.
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we will see what that is. 6:36 is your time and it is 77 degrees. >> still ahead making metro safer and how it could impact your trip to work. >> first, we have
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well come back. i hope you have a good start
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your thursday morning. temperatures are well above average. 79 degrees still at reagan national airport with temperatures having a hard time falling during the overnight. a cold front off to the west of us will bring us some relief from the stickiness outside by this time tomorrow morning. a few showers and thunderstorms in the forecast and that activity as well to the north of us across central pennsylvania. high temperatures will be upper 80's to learn or 90's -- to lower 90s. 67-72 for the overnight. once that cooler air filters back into the region 87-92 degrees. a look at the extended outlook but first to lisa baden. we want to go to newschopper7 because they are looking live at interstate 95 travel which is complicated.
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northbound on the left side of the screen, delays are solid from dale city to the beltway. there was a crash of the franconia-springfield park which has been cleared. this is what it looks like to get to springfield and beyond. 66 eastbound had troubles of their own with a stalled car at 123 which is gone. 66 delays are in manassas and centreville and 7100 to 123. >> 6:41 and 77 degrees. >> president obama hits the road to talk about his plans for the future of afghanistan. >> some metrobus drivers could be taking the day off. we will let you know
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[ male announcer ] the inspiration for its shape was an archer drawing his bow. ♪ ♪ could that have also inspired its 556 horsepower supercharged engine? ♪ ♪ the all-new cadillac cts-v coupe. we don't just make luxury cars we make cadillacs. >> welcome back at 6:43. police are investigating a
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deadly pedestrian accident in fairfax county. and suv struck a man while he was trying to cross rte. 1 in hybla valley. it happened around 11:30 last night. the victim died at the hospital and the driver of the suv stayed at the scene. police said the man was not in a crosswalk at the time. can invest to get is a reality tv star has been speeding and drinking before he died in a car crash. ryan done from "jack ass"and the passenger were killed monday morning. his blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit and he may have been traveling 140 miles per hour. >> that is a bad combination. the time is 6:44. metrobus drivers are concerned about their safety on the job of . >> some drivers may not come to work to register complaints about their fears.
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here is the wheaton metro station. it seems to be normal but as you mentioned, a union official says some bus drivers may not show up to work today in an effort to shed light on what they call major safety concerns. the union president wants to make sure everyone knows this is not an official union action or boycott. several metro bus drivers have said they are concerned about the safety after several incidents in the last few weeks were bus operators were attacked while driving their routes. nearly 1/3 of the assaults that happened in the present agency involved bus drivers. the drivers said one metro police officers to be assigned a long bus routes. metro says that more than a dozen officers are assigned to bus routes but the union representative says that is not enough to protect the more than 1000 buses. these bus drivers are saying that the one matter to replace
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and install more security cameras on the buses in the fleet as well as repair the radio systems. the agency is looking at that. some northern virginia business organizations are upset about the rising cost of the dulles metro rail project. the want to bring the crossed -- cost of the project under control. they plan to hold a news conference in reston today to demand this of a cost-reduction measures for phase 2 of that project. time is 6:46. a southwest airlines pileup was suspended after a private ranch about flight attendants broadcast a -- across u.s. air support. space. passengers could not hear that an expletive-filled ramp that air traffic controllers and other pilots could. the airline apologized for the unidentified pilot comments and
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sent him to sensitivity training. the pilot has been returned to the cockpit. apparently he was upset about the fact that there were no hot flight attendants. one day after his national address to the country about the future of afghanistan, president obama is meeting with u.s. troops in new york. >> the withdrawal strategy is a gamble for the commander in chief. we're joined live with details. this is a big announcement. more than 30,000 troops are coming out of afghanistan and the next year? >> that's right he is planning to bring out all the troops he brought in during the surge. this has been a demand of a lot of the progressive democrats in his own party for quite some time. they want more than the 33,000 troops withdrawn.
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the one a vast majority of the 70,000 that will be left out of afghanistan by that time as well. >> some people say is too little or too slow and some people say is too fast or we will be leaving them not ready to handle the situation. >> the president has no great options here. the most progressive democrats will not be happy unless there is a full withdrawal of troops. he really cannot do that if he wants to leave afghanistan in a state that will not become a safe haven for the taliban. on the other hand, he is getting ready to go into the 2012 election and there are republicans who are ready tfork every option he chooses. many of them say it is too much and some say it is too little. he is trying to find a happy medium. >> thank you so much for joining us from a politico this morning. >> time for traffic and weather
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every 10 minutes. good morning, we are looking at a few scattered showers north of d.c. right now which is part of a cold front that will move across the area. in an annapolis, is a pretty morning with the clouds increasing a bit and we will look for temperatures that will increase as we move through the early morning hours ahead of a cold front. 79 degrees at reagan national airport with the dew point and the lower 70's. 78 degrees in allen. 79 degrees at george washington university. the cooler air is off to the north and west and upper 60's for detroit. the hot and humid air was stuck around for another 12 hours but once the cold front moves through, the dew point level start to fall and that means more comfortable conditions. tomorrow morning at this time, it will not feel quite as sticky
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outside. that will sweep across the area an increase clouds for the morning and afternoon hours. doppler radar shows a few showers for martinsburg and winchester's and they will make their way to the metro area later this morning. tonight, temperatures will fall into the upper 60's and it will still be warm and humid but not as uncomfortable for the day tomorrow. around 90 degrees with scattered showers during the afternoon hours once again. we will look at the extended outlook and a few minutes and you can check out the online for crest at it is uncomfortable in virginia. 66 he spent out of manassas to be and as a solid backup. we have delays on 95 which begin in dale city and go 0 up to the beltway because of an earlier accident before the beltway that
6:51 am
has been cleared. we'll show you a live picture of 270 traffic. it is good at
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>> good morning. coming up here the latest on the arrest of the notorious mobster, whitey bulger captured after 16 years on the lam. we have new details on how the
6:54 am
fbi finally got its man. plus the wal-mart super mom -- when pete stark she jumped into action literally. she is here to tell us why she took the law into her own hand in an exclusive. do you really know which foods make you fat? we have a new study pointing fingers at the top culprits. dr. richard best will go door- to-door to track down those bad choices. that is all next here on "good morning, america." the tie >> miss 6:54 in time to check this morning's top stories. met -- a marine reservist will be in court today with connection with a vandalism case in leesburg. investigators say the 22-year- old may be linked to shootings at northern virginia military facilities. present obama is charting a new year -- a new course for the 10-year war in afghanistan.
6:55 am
he says recent gains against al qaeda and the taliban will allow the u.s. to bring 33,000 troops home by the end of next year. one of the nation's most wanted criminals is in custody after 16 years on the run. the fbi arrested ballston gangster james whitey" bolger. >> we are still about five dozen the official announcement we're getting a sneak peek at author j. cave rawlings' big announcement. associated press says harry potter's adventures will be sold as e-books. there'll also be available as audio books. >> is keeping it going. let's get a quick check of the traffic and weather. we are trying to keep it going on northbound 95.
6:56 am
look at the pace from dale city to the beltway and no break in between. a crash of the beltway is gone but it looks like we are toast over there. better weather days ahead and not quite as sticky and humid tomorrow. let's get through today with high temperatures that will approach 90 degrees and showers and storms later this morning into the afternoon hours and we are looking at a cool down and a dry weekend ahead. is your online home for abc 7 weather with interactive radar and interactive extended outlook. you cannot change the forecast yourself. >>i know what you're thinking greta. >> that does it for us this morning. >> continuing local news, watch our sister station newschannel 8. we will see you at noon, have a wonderful day.
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